Good to know before you arrive

Booking at Hotel ADLER Carezza

We kindly ask you to book online, all best rates are available only here. For more information, visit Reservations made with the hotel’s website are confirmed in written by the hotel. The confirmation is sent the day when the anticipated payment is received. For bank transfers, allow an additional bank-day.

Arriving to the ADLER Carezza

Here you find all information regarding your best fitting itinerary.

Accommodations are available for you:

Upon arrival, the accommodations are available from 15:00, so sanitation following the Covid 19 protocols can take place within sufficient time.
We kindly ask you to vacate the rooms by 11:00

Early check in

If you expect to arrive early on the day of arrival and would like immediate access to your room, we recommend booking the room for the previous night to ensure immediate access. In any case, you can put your luggage in the common areas. There is a restricted area where you can freshen up and change your clothing.

Late check out

Similarly, for late departures, booking an additional night will guarantee the room beyond the time of departure.


The breakfast is buffet style. To access breakfast, we ask you to disinfect your hands and access the area wearing a mask, covering your nose and mouth.

For those very active: we prepare a packed lunch

For excursions, we prepare a lunch packet with sandwiches and fruits. We ask you to reserve the basket in time. We also invite you to bring any leftovers back, not leaving them behind in nature.

The dinner

Dinner is served at 19:30 with an excellent four-course menu, prepared by mum. We select quality products, mainly of local origin. We ask to book early, as we grant limited access to the dining area for dinner.

Respect the environment

Always bring your leftovers to the hotel, not leaving them dispersed in the environment.

Drive respectfully, observing the speed limits and maintaining a silent pace, with the utmost respect for the environment. If possible, use public means instead of individual.

The wellness area at the ADLER

The wellness area at the ADLER is accessible, every day from 16:00 to 19:00. Do you wish to use the sauna outside these hours, you may access the area as a private sauna for a small additional fee.


One parking space is available for each room. There are three levels, in front of and below the hotel, as well as three on-street parking spaces at the main entrance, of those two with 400V charging stations. Ask at the reception how to use and costs. Additional parking spaces beyond the first are available for a fee.
For diesel vehicles and temperatures below -10 °C, we recommend appropriate fuel, which is available in the area, or additives.

Weather at ADLER Carezza and surroundings

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We do not accommodate pets

We are sorry, we have promised our long-standing guests to keep the property free from animals. Therefore, we cannot welcome you in the company of animals.